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Gym class 101: Find your next fitness favorite

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It’s hard enough encouraging ourselves to get to the gym. Even worse, you get there but are bored with the same old workout. Instead of quitting altogether, try taking a new class to get you excited about exercising again.

Group fitness classes challenge you to do different exercises. Natalie Wolfe, CEO and founder of StudioHop, says many classes are hybrids, meaning they incorporate different workout styles together in one session.

“You may spend half the class on a treadmill, then have to use a Pilates reformer,” Wolfe says. “A lot of classes are packing in all of the above because they want you to get your strengthening, cardiovascular exercise, and more.”

The more classes you try, the more you’ll push every part of your body. Plus, you may discover a new, fun workout that gets you motivated to reach your fitness goals!

If you don’t know where to begin, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a cheat sheet listing some popular kinds of classes so you know what you expect.


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Some of the classes offer different levels of difficulty, while others are standard for whoever walks in. Make sure to talk to the instructor to see if you can make modifications so you don’t push yourself too hard!

Many studios across the Metroplex offer these kinds of group classes. If you are overwhelmed about where to begin, there are perks to downloading a fitness app!

Get started at Methodist Health System! Check out the fitness classes at the Folsom Fitness and Rehabilitation Center at Methodist Dallas and the Methodist Charlton Fit Zone.

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