Alexandria Hurst, her husband Micah, and baby Aniston cooking together in their kitchen

Teacher of the Year delivers her first baby at hometown hospital

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For first-time moms, choosing the right hospital can be a daunting task, but longtime Midlothian resident Alexandria Hurst says she “immediately connected” with the labor and delivery team at Methodist Midlothian Medical Center.

The Midlothian ISD educator — and 2023 Teacher of the Year — says that not only did Jason Brown, MD, OB-GYN on the hospital’s medical staff, answer her “hundreds of questions,” but the private suite she was given made her feel even more at ease.

Dr. Brown says the patient rooms were designed with parents’ comfort in mind.

“I tell all my patients this hospital is like a boutique hotel, it offers all the amenities of a large hospital, but in a smaller, more intimate setting,” he says. “Alexandria was a wonderful maternity patient, and I couldn’t be more pleased that she loved her labor and delivery experience at Methodist Midlothian.”

Alexandria Hurst and baby Aniston smiling and sitting together on the couch with Aniston in Alexandria's lap


Alexandria has called Midlothian home since childhood and teaches second grade for the local school district.  When she and her husband, Micah, decided to start a family last year, her search for the right physician led her straight to the city’s first and only hospital.

“I couldn’t have asked for a more patient or knowledgeable OB-GYN and team,” Alexandria says.

Dr. Brown says that other than some swelling in her legs and feet around 35 weeks onward, Alexandria had an uncomplicated pregnancy.

“She was very inquisitive about her pregnancy as well as about labor and delivery, which is typical of most first-time moms,” Dr. Brown says. “It is always a pleasure to walk my patients through that part of the journey.”

Aniston and Micah Hurst in two photos, one of Aniston reaching out and the other of Micah helping Aniston walk


Alexandria and her husband opted to induce labor the day before her due date in September 2022.

“We were scheduled to arrive in the evening,” she says, “and I remember my husband and I commenting on how easy it was to find parking and navigate our way through the hospital to get to the labor and delivery floor.”

Nurses greeted them warmly and promptly before escorting them to one of the six patient rooms.

“I couldn’t believe how large and well-appointed it was, it reminded me of a private suite,” she says.

Alexandria learned that, at Methodist Midlothian, mothers remain in the same spacious room throughout labor, delivery, and recovery — a benefit that helps mothers and babies bond more comfortably and makes visits from eager family members and friends easier.

Dr. Brown arrived shortly after Alexandria was settled and started the induction process.

“I told her that it would likely take overnight for the medication to initiate labor so she should relax and eat a good breakfast,” he says. “I would be checking on her regardless.”

Alexandria Hurst, her husband Micah, and baby Aniston sitting on a couch and smiling for the camera with their dog


Alexandria soon began feeling a cramping sensation, which she had been told was normal with this type of induction.

“I remember getting a bit anxious and asking the nurses lots of questions about what was going on,” Alexandria says. “They would immediately stop whatever task they were doing and answer me, which made me feel very cared for.”

She also loved that her nurses expressed genuine interest in learning if she had a birth plan they could honor for her labor and delivery.

“I had the best team of nurses to keep me calm and focused through my entire labor and delivery,” she says. “I couldn’t have asked for better.”

It wasn’t long before Dr. Brown was called to action, and on September 8, Alexandria welcomed a healthy baby girl, Aniston.

The new mom says the staff’s authentic compassion and servant hearts helped her feel safe and confident — support she may need again one day.

“When we add to our family in the future we will return to Methodist Midlothian with happy hearts,” she says.