Bill Burdett smiling in front of a high school logo, used to explain his surgery for multiple hernias

Midlothian leader has his first surgery at hospital he made a reality

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It’s been 74 years since the staff at what used to be Dallas Methodist Hospital delivered Bill Burdett into the world, so it’s only fitting that Bill helped deliver a Methodist hospital to his current hometown of Midlothian.

“Methodist Midlothian has really become a focal point of the community here,” says Bill, who was instrumental in bringing Methodist to town as chairman of the Midlothian Economic Development Board. “It’s just been a blessing for the city.”

And when Bill needed surgery for the first time in his adult life this year, he turned to Methodist Midlothian Medical Center for a minimally invasive robotic procedure to correct three hernias.

The times and technology may have changed in the decades between, but Methodist’s dedication to top-notch healthcare has not, he says.

“Everything just went off like clockwork,” says Bill, who was sent home the same day as his surgery in March. “Everybody was so accommodating and friendly.”

A photograph of Methodist Midlothian Medical Center

Methodist Midlothian opened its doors in 2020, and Bill played a role in bringing it to town.


After months of abdominal pain, it was no surprise to Bill that he had a hernia. It was shocking, however, to learn he had three.

Bill mentioned his discomfort during a routine trip to his primary care physician, who referred him to Ivan Cruz, Jr., MD, general surgeon on the medical staff at Methodist Midlothian.

In Bill’s case, Dr. Cruz found two hernias in his initial examination: An inguinal hernia on the right side and another on the left near his belly button. But that wouldn’t be the last surprise.

“When he actually did the procedure, he found another one,” Bill says. “So I actually had three hernias.”

Dr. Cruz would end up fixing all three in one fell swoop, with an assist from the da Vinci Xi Surgical System, the hospital’s surgical robot.

“Twenty percent of patients with an inguinal hernia will have one on the other side as well,” Dr. Cruz says. “We typically discuss with our patients ahead of time that we can fix both at the same time.”

An educational graphic explaining how a hernia occurs, with text labeling the abdominal muscles, intestines, skin, and peritoneum

Bill had two sizable inguinal hernias, plus an umbilical hernia near his belly button.


Dr. Cruz says the surgical robot makes a big difference when repairing inguinal hernia, a tear in the abdominal muscles where tissue from inside the abdomen protrudes.

“It’s like night and day in terms of pain for patients,” he says. “At two days after surgery, they feel the same as they would at two weeks with a more traditional procedure.”

That’s because a surgeon can use the robot to work in a more precise area, using three small incisions and steering clear of sensitive areas.

“By staying in that perfect layer, it makes it easier to protect the nerves in that area,” Dr. Cruz says.

Not every hernia patient is a candidate for such minimally invasive surgery, but Bill’s repair was not so large to require an open procedure. And Bill says he felt very little discomfort afterward.

“I’ve had worse pain after working in my yard!” he says.

Bill Burdett taking a knee near the 10 yard line on a football field at a Midlothian ISD school

The hospital’s staff got a perfect 10 from Bill, who’s also a big proponent of Midlothian ISD athletics.


Adding the surgical robot to its toolbox is just one way Methodist Midlothian has expanded its offerings since opening in 2020.

“The hospital just keeps growing and getting more and more capabilities and service lines,” Dr. Cruz says.

It’s progress that Bill takes pride in, seeing as how his work helped pave the way for the city’s first hospital.

“It made me feel good to have been involved, in at least a small way, of bringing Methodist here,” he says.

What makes him feel even better is putting those hernias behind him and enjoying a pain-free retirement with his extended family in Ellis County.

“Midlothian should be proud to know just how amazing this team is and how fortunate we are to have a hospital as an asset in the community,” Bill says. “They took amazing care of me and got me back home right away after my surgery.”