sanitizer spray cleaning a surface by a person wearing blue gloves, used to explain the coronavirus and germs in 2020

VIDEO: Does the coronavirus still spread by touch?

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Months ago, one of our greatest fears was catching the coronavirus by touching an infected surface.

“In the beginning, people were afraid to touch everything,” says Les Cler, MD, FACP, CPE, chief medical officer at Methodist Dallas Medical Center.

Now we know the coronavirus is more likely to spread through respiratory droplets — but that doesn’t make good hand hygiene any less important.

“Handwashing is such an important issue not just for coronavirus,” says Dr. Cler’s colleague Ed Dominguez, MD, “but also for a large number of other infections from influenza to staph infections.”

Watch Drs. Cler and Dominguez discuss the best cleaning solutions to keep your home germ-free.

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