Woman eating a salad and looking at her phone, with a face mask next to her on the table, used to explain dining out during the era of COVID-19

VIDEO: Doctors discuss dining out amid rising COVID-19 cases

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It’s a question medical professionals are getting a lot these days as COVID-19 fatigue has set in and so many of us are anxious to socialize again: Would you take your family to a restaurant right now?

“While my heart goes out to those restaurant owners out there and the people who work there, I have really not been dining indoors,” says Les Cler, MD, FACP, CPE, chief medical officer at Methodist Dallas Medical Center.

Dr. Cler and his colleague Ed Dominguez, MD, infectious disease specialist, agree outdoor dining is preferred for those who insist on going to a restaurant.

“If someone is set on going to eat inside a particular restaurant, I tell them to ask for a table that is somewhat remote,” Dr. Dominguez says. “I think a request for a booth in the back is reasonable.”

Watch Drs. Cler and Dominguez discuss some common-sense strategies for keeping you and your family safe.

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